How Videos Can Help Promote Your Business

Why spend time coming up with the perfect combination of words to describe your business and its services when you can show people instead?

People are spending one-third of their time online going through video content, and with this number only growing, videos have become the most popular media for content marketing. However, getting people to watch your content can be tough.

Here are a few things to remember:

  • Your videos must not be longer than 3-minutes. In fact, most experts recommend keeping the length no more than 20 seconds. 
  • Follow the latest trends but make sure to only post relevant content in high quality. Users do not enjoy irrelevant content even if it’s well-made and poor quality videos also get a miss.
  • Make videos that inform or entertain people. These can be in the form of how-to guides, reviews, overviews, or backstage content.
  • Consider posting your video on YouTube as it is now the second largest search engine and can help boost your name.

The right video can increase your reach and help you sell more. Here’s how:

Demonstrate and Showcase a Product

Everyone can take fancy high-quality pictures of their products, but that may not be enough. Consumers want to ‘see’ what your product or service truly does and the best way to do so is to offer video content. 

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Product or service reviews: Ask bloggers or real users to share their opinion on things. Remember that over 80 percent of consumers look for reviews before buying a product and they’re more likely to trust a known name.
  • Unboxing videos: Statistics reveal that more than 90,000 people search for unboxing videos on YouTube every day. They help tell people what your product contains and introduce them to what you have to offer.
  • How-to videos: These videos help answer any questions that customers might have about your product or the problem they solve. These videos can be entirely about your product or a generic issue with a small plug. For example, you can make videos covering how to clean carpets and mention your product (vacuum cleaner) without making it salesy. This is a form of native advertising and it works very well with video content. 

You don’t have to spend hours learning how to create your own videos. Ready-to-use video templates can make the job easier. You only have to select your desired theme and input data and your video will be ready in a few minutes.

Use Videos to Build Trust

Videos can help connect with consumers and build trust. When brands manage to build trust, they earn themselves loyal customers. In fact, 46 percent of people agree that they’re willing to pay more for products if they trust the brand.

You can build trust with a brand by using video content to:

  • Answer concerns that customers may have about your product or service
  • Connect with your audience by showing behind-the-scenes footage of how you work. This can be very effective for service providers because consumers want to see exactly how professional they are.
  • Showing real testimonials from people and sharing a mix of positive and negative feedback so consumers know that you’re honest about what you offer.

The most effective way to build trust with customers is through testimonials. About 71 percent of people agree that they feel more comfortable making a purchase if they see reviews from ordinary people. In addition, you can build trust by going live and answering questions from your consumers.

Use Videos to Rank Higher on Search Engines

SEO experts claim that websites with video content are 50 times more likely to appear on Google’s first page. Not just this, but businesses who prioritize video content receive 41 percent more online traffic than those who don’t pay attention to video content. 

But not all videos will get you noticed. This is because platforms like YouTube rank videos based on minutes watched, likes, and comments instead of just the views. 

Videos will help you rank well only if they are able to attract visitors. Interviews do very well and so do podcasts. A large number of people now share podcast videos with written transcripts so users can choose their preferred mode of content. You can use a custom slideshow maker for this purpose. Slides do a very good job of keeping people interested. 

Remember that merely having a video will not impact your SEO but having a well-made video that keeps people glued to your page will reduce your bounce rate, thus helping your ranking.

Note: YouTube videos require SEO. Pay special attention to the title, description, and tags.

Don’t Forget a CTA

Videos must contain a Call to Action (CTA). You can include one in the video or caption. It tells people what to do. It could be a short sentence asking users to share your content or a detailed paragraph explaining the benefits of your product by asking them to give it a try.


Make video marketing a part of your online marketing strategy and benefit from this highly rewarding marketing stream. The key lies in creating relevant and high quality content and placing it on the right page with proper SEO and CTA.

J. Satya

Tech enthusiast who loves to write mostly about current affairs, events, and various other topics like Business Growth, Digital Marketing, How-to stuff, and reviews.

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