How can Data Analysis drive Business in 2019?

In 2019, data is one of the single most valuable assets and for some of the largest and most successful companies in the world, data drives big decisions. The likes of Google, Amazon, and Alibaba all rely on the ability to gather, analyze and develop their strategies based on the huge and invaluable insights gained from data. This trend doesn’t look set to disappear and some of the most impressive buildings in the world are being created to house servers for data processing and storage. Smaller companies are also taking stock of this growing trend and capitalizing on the consumer knowledge that can be acquired from data analysis. If you’re one of the small to medium-sized businesses currently using data or thinking about using it in the future to gain a deeper understanding of your clients and customers, then read on and find out more.

Using data analysis to achieve common goals

One of the biggest challenges in business is making sure that cross-departmental teams and colleagues are working together to achieve the same goals. Having access to data allows shared objectives to be clearer for all. Although utilizing consumer data for business often has negative connotations associated with it, people really shouldn’t be as worried as they are. Using data allows companies to get real-world insight into exactly what their customers are purchasing and develop strategies and products that are more suited to their users’ needs. The careful analysis of data allows for the mapping of yearly trends and changes to markets to be monitored more carefully than ever before. Using this information across a business means teams and departments can structure their planning with a greater sense of focus geared towards achieving common business goals. 

Mobile data for business

It goes without saying that in 2019, businesses rely on mobile communications more than ever before, and when mobile data goes missing it can leave a business stranded. Fortunately, Secure Data Recovery has developed innovative techniques to retrieve device data safely. There have been big changes in the types of devices businesses rely on in recent years, but the use of smartphones surely has to be one of the biggest game-changers. Making sure mobile data held within company devices doesn’t go missing, or worse, fall into the wrong hands, is crucial for maintaining your business. 

Is your business data compliant?

When it comes to retaining consumer data, making sure you’re aware of the law and following the correct procedures is critical. Businesses have come under scrutiny in recent years and to make sure you’re not on the path to a breach of data laws, it’s crucial to gain knowledge in this evolving landscape. Taking steps to ensure employees are trained in the correct procedures for managing, analyzing, and deleting consumer data is one of the first steps to take when looking to safeguard your business. Being compliant is all about following the procedures set out in law and quickly adapting to new changes when they come into force. Having a regular meeting to go over these changes is a good idea to keep employees up to speed.

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