Five Hacks To Be A Better Researcher For Blogging

Blogging must be your passion and you might love to write. But no one is ever perfect on every topic so we too need some help. What to write, in which topic and from where to get the required data and information about the topics? Certainly, you need to research the topic and contents and waste a lot of time in it. So to give you some ideas about getting profitable topics and contents here we have provided you 5 hacks to be the best researcher for blogging and you will surely save your many hours of your life by following these 5 hacks to be the best researcher:

#1 Subscribing Similar Niches

Even finding a good title to write about will take your whole day, if you don’t know what’s trending and what’s on news these days. Here is a solution for the topic issue, you can use some of the best sites which delivers you the trending news and latest information. You can subscribe these sites and gets an email notification about latest news and information. I suggest you use and you can subscribe the niche’s which blogs on the similar topic.

#2 Take Help from Authority Sites

Don’t know what authority sites are? Authority sites are those sites which provide the best quality information and are respected for its quality and standard information about the content. You can use these sites to write about the specific topics as they provide the best content quality to the specific topics. These are the trustworthy sites whose information you can take to provide the best content to your readers about the topic. Such sites are usually non-profit sites with .org but not all and some of the popular Authority sites are Wikipedia and wikihow, etc.

#3 Search the Google

Google is the best search engine in the world. You can use google to know what is being searched about the topic in its most searched similar words in the bottom of Google’s result. You can use this similar words shown by Google in your tags about the topic. Another way to have a research about the topic and the content is using the Google search engine about the specific topic from the top bar of Google, enter some words while searching and Google will show what is popular in search terms. And you too can filter the result shown by Google to get more specific content.

#4 Roam out of Google

You don’t need to depend on just Google search engine. There are lots of many other best search engines which can provide you results effectively and may save your time. Google uses cookies to show the result, and it will show the similar result or from similar websites which you use most. But some of other search engine provides results without using your cookies and shows you the best result you needed about the topic from all the web. Duckduckgo, Ixquick is a search engine site which doesn’t use your cookies and protects your privacy while searching. For scholars and researchers, they can use a search engine like Refseek and Google Scholars to get the desired content without wasting much time.

#5 Save the content for Later Use:

While searching the web or maybe just visiting for a different topic, you may find something helpful for your next post or topic, you can save them instantly to use it later on. You can save those file to your Google Doc, Evernote, DropBox, Pocket, Instapaper, etc which you use for offline use and retrieving purpose. So while you writing about some similar topic you can retrieve information from those saved contents. You can also save web pages in your browsers as many browsers support saving the web pages.

So these were the 5 hacks to be a better and perfect researcher for blogging. Using these hacks you can also be with the demand of time and ability to provide a quality content to your readers. As of all every blogger want to get really a great traffic and good handful of money by attracting visitors with their best quality content. So definitely these hacks will bring your visitors back again and again to your blog.

J. Satya

Tech enthusiast who loves to write mostly about current affairs, events, and various other topics like Business Growth, Digital Marketing, How-to stuff, and reviews.

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