List of Top Software Outsourcing Companies In Vietnam

In order to enhance the flexibility, efficiency costs reduce risks, focused strategy and internal staff development, Software outsourcing is one of the best methods a company can opt. when we think about Software Outsourcing, the first state that clicks in mind in Vietnam. The reason behind that is its young population, good infrastructure, and adjustable culture, low cost and highly skilled workforce. There are many software outsourcing companies in Vietnam. And here we are providing you the details about Top Software Outsourcing Companies in Vietnam. So let’s get started.

Top Software Outsourcing Companies In Vietnam

Following are the Top Software Outsourcing Companies in Vietnam. Along with the names here we have also given the details about the technologies these companies are using and the services they are providing to their clients as well. So if you are also looking for a best software outsourcing vendor in Vietnam then these details will definitely help you out.

1.TMA Solutions

In 1997, Ms. Bui Ngoc Anh along with the team of 6 engineers established the TMA Solutions Company.  There are many other branches of TMA Solutions located in Japan, Australia (Melbourne), Euro, Canada (Ottawa). If you want to get software to be used in telecom, finance & insurance, e-commerce, ISV, media & publishing, healthcare, education, hospitality, travel, logistics & transportation then you may visit this company. Talking about the work phase then the company uses .NET, Java, C/C++, PHP, Python, Ruby, Android, iOS, SharePoint technologies for best results.  Furthermore, TMA Solutions provides the services including Software Development, Software Testing, Porting & Migration, Production Support, IT Managed Services and Visual Design. Several big names are connected with this company like Nokia, NTT-TX, and Toshiba etc.

2. Saigon Technology Solutions

Thanh Pham worked for around 07 years for a top Switzerland IT Company. Thereafter he decided to establish his own company and then founded Saigon Technology in 2010. This company is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. As per the statistics available, Saigon Technology Solutions is considered as one of the leading Software outsourcing companies in Vietnam. The main motive behind establishing the Saigon Technology Solutions was to promote Vietnam Information Technology to the world. And that is the reason, Thanh Pham founded the 100% Vietnam-based software outsourcing company. If you want to get professional help in areas like healthcare, logistics, media, e-finance, and business then you may visit Saigon Technology Solutions. In order to provide the best results the company uses ASP.NET, PHP, RoR, AngularJS, NodeJS, React JS, iOS, and Android / React Native application development service technologies.

Saigon Technology Solutions offers Offshore Software Development, Custom Software Development, Software Outsourcing Services, Mobile App Development, Web Application Development, and others.  DMI Global, Onelink, Intellitech are some of its regular customers.

3. Global Cybersoft

Next company on our list is Global Cybersoft. In 2000 this company was established. This leading Software Outsourcing Company also has offices in Tokyo, Quang Trung Software Park, Singapore, and Paris. For best results, the company uses  C/C++, Java, .NET, HTML5, Swift, React Native, MCU technologies. Mostly the company deals with logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, real estate, financial services, retails & distribution, consumer electronics & mobile, transportation industries. Apart from this, Global Cybersoft also provides services like ERP & Business Analytics, Warehouse, Manufacturing, Industrial Automation Solutions, Industrial Automation, and Industrial Automation Solutions and several others.

4. Bosch Vietnam

Bosch Vietnam is properly known as Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Vietnam and was established in 2010 and located in Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi, Da Nang, and Dong Nai. This is also one of the leading engineering, mechanical, and software engineering/outsourcing Company in Vietnam.  For providing best services to the clients, the company uses C/ C++, Micro-controllers, .NET, Java, Oracle PL SQL, XML, Python, NodeJS, HTML5/ CSS3, Javascript technologies.

5. Harvey Nash (NashTech) Vietnam

AnotherTop Software Outsourcing Company In Vietnam is Harvey Nash (NashTech) Vietnam. It was established in 1988. Offices of this company are also in Japan, USA, Europe, Singapore, the UK, Ireland, Vietnam, and Korea. This company deals with the business involved in automotive, education, financial services, gaming, healthcare, insurance, ISV & high tech, legal, manufacturing, media, professional services, public sector, retail, and telecoms techniques.

Furthermore, Harvey Nash (Nash Tech) Vietnam also provides services like Analytics, development of applications, maintenance of applications, Cloud Services including SAAS and PaaS, Digital Platform Development, System Integration, and Progress Solutions.

6. Larion

It has been around 12+ years; the Larion Company was founded in Vietnam and located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. As per the statistics available, the company provides services to customers residing in around 15 different countries.  Larion is also a top Software Outsourcing company provides services to banking, real estate, education, and healthcare industries. In order to provide best services, the company uses Ruby, Rail, MongoDB, HTML, jQuery, ReactJS, SSRS, Data Warehousing, Cognos, Pentaho, Microsoft Azure, Heroku, and other technologies. The company offers several products. Some of them are Development of Ruby on Rails Application, Development of Social and E-Commerce applications, Development of Surround Core Banking Application, management of Master Data and Credentialing Verification Supporting Services.

7. FPT Software

FTP Corporation is the top software outsourcing company in Vietnam having FPT Software as a division. The company was established in the year 1999. Furthermore, the company has also its offices in other countries like Ho Chi Minh City, Tokyo, Singapore, Paris, New South Wales, California, Kuala Lumpur, and Frankfurt. For providing best results include Visual Studio, HTML5, CSS3, .NET, Window Azure, SQL, Java, JavaScript, Python, Perl, Angular JS are the technologies used by this company in Vietnam. At FPT Corporation you will get services like Application Services, Big Data/Analytics, BPO, Business Applications, CAD/CAE, Cloud Professional Services, Embedded System, IC Design, Independent Testing Services, Internet of Things, Legacy Modernization and Mobility.

Hence these are the Top Software Outsourcing Companies in Vietnam. With the help of the details given above, hope it will become easier for you to choose the best software outsourcing vendor in Vietnam for your work.

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