Remove these 9 things from your Facebook right now!

Yes, Facebook is a public social media networking site where you can share anything that you want, where you can post any thought you want.

But many of us share a ton of personal information on Facebook that means billions of people have access to your profile and they can find who you are, who are you living with, what is your relationship status, how many children you have, how much property you own and many more information status.

Could any of this information harmful? Yes if it fell info the wrong hands otherwise there is no problem with that.  Let me share an example with you,

A person from XYZ location shared his holiday plan on Facebook, which day he and his family leaving for the destination time and everything on Facebook. After he left for the holiday but he shared information on Facebook and someone from his friend list went to his home and robbed.

Remove these 9 things from your Facebook right now!

So I would say this is so dangerous to share personal details on Facebook. Let’s do care about these things while using Facebook.

#1 Phone Number

If your are sharing your phone number on Facebook then just make sure that it’s on protected condition. If not then you will get unnecessary calls from stalkers.

#2 Birthday

Birthday revealing on Facebook has become quite popular because a lot of people want to get attention via birthday wishing feature of Facebook but the problem is you may get scammed on your birth from scammers. So just make sure that you are not revealing your birthday.

#3 Just Add Real Friends

You might find different peoples from different countries and you want to connect with them, if you have good communication based and good knowledge of IT (Information Technology) where you can understand about some stuff related to scams then that would help to keep yourself safe from other friends but if you don’t then just keep those who you know.

#4 Relationship Status

People prefer to share their relationship status via Facebook, I would say it’s better to share with those who you personally know but if you don’t have real friends then that might be the problem. Just to show off please do know put relationship status. This might differ as per country and their beliefs.

#5 Credit Card Details

I guess you know this better, there are higher chances of getting hacked I would say the first reason.

#6 Your Boss

This might be the critical part for those who has a boss on their friend list. I would like to recommend do not ever add your boss on your personal Facebook friend list.

You are the boss of your own life, you can do whatever you want but, adding boss on Facebook friend list this might set you an awkward situation.

#7 Location Sharing

I would say this is for privacy reasons but and just to keep yourself safe, don’t ever share your current location. There is the feature called Near person finder so that can track your exact location as well.

#8 Your Plans and Daily Routines

Don’t share your plans and daily routines, as well as holiday plans, untile you have finished those and back to home. This play’s crucial role in saving yourself and maintaining your privacy.

#9 Where your children goes to school

Keep this thing private, I say you know this better why you don’t have to share your children where they go for school.

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