Updating your HVAC System Gives you the Means to Better Control

Mankind has spent thousands of years perfecting the art of temperature control. The ancients used furnaces and water-cooled structures in an effort to keep comfortable. The first thermostat, which utilized mercury, wasn’t invented until thousands of years later in 1620. The electric thermostat also took some time to come into being, arriving in 1883. In 1953, the Honeywell company introduced its iconic dial thermostat design, but it wasn’t until the 1980s that programmable thermostats began to emerge. The programmable thermostat was followed by the invention of the smart thermostat, an invention brought to us by Stuart Lombard in 2007.

When the ancient Greeks and Egyptians invented heating and air conditioning, respectively, they never could’ve imagined a world in which people controlled their HVAC system via smartphone. But, thousands of years after the first efforts at temperature control, that’s exactly what’s happening. When the first smart thermostat, Ecobee, arrived in 2007, it introduced innovative new ways to maintain the perfect temperature.

Updating your HVAC system gives you the means to better control your home environment and even save plenty of money in the long run. Smart thermostats help you do exactly that. With their digital interfaces, Wi-Fi connectivity, and voice controls, you’ll find these smart thermostats incredibly accessible. Many even feature machine learning, intuitive programming that can adjust to your daily schedule as needed. Smart thermostats can even show you your energy consumption in real-time, so there are no surprises when you get your monthly bill. This feature also allows you to adjust your energy consumption to a level that suits your budget.

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