Three Cost Cutting Tips for Your Cell Phone

Your cell phone is practically glued to your hand. There are very few times where you aren’t surfing the internet, flipping through social media, instant messaging, or listening to music. It’s your constant companion no matter what you do or how you feel. It can also be an expensive companion.

Cell Service Costs

You probably noticed this when you reviewed your last cell bill. Or, perhaps your data speeds were downgraded after you reached your limit and couldn’t afford the extra charges. Or, the upgrade that seemed like a good deal turned out to be more expensive thanks to all of the taxes and fees. In the end, the monthly cost of wireless communication and entertainment may be more than what you pay for electricity or food. And, while it’s comforting, you don’t save any money

Cutting the Virtual Cord

As many people have done with their cable services, there is a way to cut the virtual cord for your cell phone and cut your costs as well. Here are three examples.

1. Cut extra service features

Do you really use your carrier’s Directory Service function? Are there other features listed that you rarely or never use? Then contact your service provider and remove them. If you’re mainly concerned about finding the right phone number, there are phone lookup sites like Intelius that give you the same results for little or no cost.

2. Lower your data package.

You’ll notice the actual phone number isn’t your biggest charge. It’s the data. Your provider spends a lot of money to maintain the speed and security of their network, and that cost is forwarded to you. This is hefty if you have a large data plan. The solution is to downgrade and utilize Wifi networks when you’re not at home. Yes, it may take a few minutes to find out the wireless password, but it allows you to save your data for when you truly need it.

3. Get rid of your service provider.

Non-contract companies like TracFone have similar networks like those of T-Mobile. In fact, there’s a good chance they share the same connections and towers at some point. The main difference is choice. If you don’t need unlimited talk and text, you can buy airtime for as little as $10. Once it’s used up, and it may take more than a month, you can order more for the same price.

The Next Steps

Speak to your provider on features that can be removed from your plan. While you do that, look into pay-as-you-go plans to see which one fits your needs. You may drop your provider altogether and start saving money at the same time.                

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