Why should one get a PR visa Canada?

A PR visa Canada is useful for those who want to live in a prosperous country. There are many options which are available for the PR visa Canada:

The Express Entry program is available to those who have the current express Entry score which is 440 right now. This score is applicable when the candidates have the age, work experience, and education. Even scores in the IELTS exam are necessary for this PR. The candidates need to get the IELTS exam results before applying for the PR visa Canada. In Canada, at least a score of 6 in every band of IELTS is needed. A candidate gets the COPR(confirmation of permanent residence) once his PR application is approved.

The PNP programs are for those who don’t have the score of 440. Without this score, the candidates can opt to get the PR visa Canada, through such PNP programs.

The Canada resident visa for long-term residency is useful because:

You get the unemployment benefits: These unemployment benefits are as much as 543 CAD per week. These benefits are up to, 51,300 CAD for anyone.

You get the Medicare: Medicare becomes available to those who have the PR visa Canada. This is a highly beneficial scheme. The Medicare scheme includes payments for prescription drugs of the PR visa Canada holders by the government. So, in return for such payments by the government, the candidates have to pay a fee every month. There are various kinds of monthly plans which can be availed by the PR Canada resident visa holders depending on the coverage for the drugs needed. Medicare helps candidates in getting the payments for any medical expenses incurred by them:

The coverage  of the Medicare depends on:

  • The Medicare plan selected by a PR visa Canada holder
  • The drugs which are used by a PR visa Canada holder
  • What is the pharmacy used by you to get your drugs

The education system of Canada is quite free of cost for PR visa holders: The country provides public education without imposing any fees. The primary education starts for every student in Canada from the time he has turned 5. Once a student turns 11, he is entitled to admission in junior high school.  The universities of Canada are famous all over the world. As far as university education is concerned, the students once their parents are the PR visa Canada holders of this country, they only have to pay 25% of the university fees.

Advantages to PR visa Canada holders

The PR visa Canada holders have the advantage that they enjoy travel to many countries without getting a  visa. There are many countries to which PR visa Canada holders enjoy travel just on the basis of the PR visa Canada.  These countries are the Bahamas where a stay of 30 days is allowed without a visa. Other countries are Bermuda(180 days stay), Mexico(180 days) and many more countries. That’s why it’s beneficial to be a PR visa Canada holder.

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