17 Unknown Facts About Mobile Phones

It’s fact that over the past few years, mobile phones have become a kind of addition to everyone. Mostly the use they are more influenced by mobile phones. I would say it’s almost impossible to imagine life without mobile phones.

But in this very article, you are going to find out 17 unknown facts about mobile phones and those will absolutely shock you. These 17 facts might surprise you if you are reading those for the first time.

17 Unknown Facts About Mobile Phones

  1. Your mobile phone has more computing power than the computers used for the Apollo 11 moon landing.

    The Apollo Guidance Computer was a digital computer produced for the Apollo program that was installed on board each Apollo Command Module and Lunar Module

  2. In 1983, the first mobile phones went on sale in the U.S. at almost $4,000 each.
  3. Apple sold  340,000 iPhones per day in 2012.

    Update: This statistic shows Apple iPhone sales worldwide from the third quarter of 2007 to the company’s most recent financial quarter. In the second quarter of 2018, 52.22 million iPhones were sold worldwide. In the 2017 fiscal year, Apple sold 216.76 million iPhones.

    Update: On average, that translates to over 34,000 iPhones sold every hour, every day of the quarter. Analysts expected numbers around 65 million, and the previous record,51 million iPhone sales in the first quarter of last year, seems paltry by comparison.

  4. In Japan, 90% of mobile phones are waterproof because youngsters use them even in the shower.
  5. I hope you have heard about Nokia 1100? Be proud, it was the bestselling electrical gadget in history with more than 250 million pieces sold.
  6. There are many issues like Insomnia, confusion, and headaches are caused due to mobile phone radiation. Experts have identified ringxiety, nomophobia, telephonophobia and frigensophobia as conditions that can affect people.
  7. This might sounds odd, but you can charge your phone by using urine, scientists developed it.
  8. The first mobile call was made by Martin Cooper in 1973.
  9. In Britain, more than 100,000 mobile phones are dropped down in the toilet every year.
  10. In 1993, world’s first Smartphone was debuted at Florida’s Wireless World Conference by BellSouth Cellular, it has an LCD touchscreen display.  This was designed by IBM and named as Simon, priced at $899 and only 2000 Simmons are made at that time.
  11. In the U.S., the mobile phone towers and antennas are often disguised. Engineers have developed ways to install the equipment into telephone poles, clock faces, church roofs and even in signs. Even mobile phone tower is often disguised as plastic trees.
  12. Over 70% of mobile phones are manufactured in China.
  13. Over 80% of the world’s population has a mobile phone.
  14. More than 90% of adults have their mobile phone within arm’s reach all the time. 16.  There are more mobile phones than PCs, the ratio is 5 times.
  15. Mobile phone users spend the majority of their time on games (49%) and social networking (30%).
  16. The iPhone 5 Black Diamond is the most expensive phone in the world, costing $15 million, and taking 9 weeks to build. The phone is made of 135-gram solid gold of 24 carat and the chassis was inlaid with 600 white diamonds.
  17. According to Guinness World Records, Sonim XP3300 Force is recognized as the toughest phone. It survived an 84-Foot drop with no operational damage.

Wrapping it up

That’s it for unknown facts about mobile phones. I hope that you enjoyed our list of interesting facts about mobile phones! Let us know in next article what kind of facts you wanted to know. Or If you found any fact that is missing for this article then you can comment down below and update us about that particular fact.

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