Google Feud – Play The Google Game I Bet You Will Lose

Google Feud is the game where it auto completes popular searches on Google. I bet you will lose at some points.

Google Feud is the web based game on the Google API. Where you will get options to choose different kinds of questions, then you will get the result. There you have to choose the category to play the game. There are four categories available 1. Culture, 2. People, 3. Names. 4. Questions. You just need to be careful and beware because certain results may be offensive and/or incomprehensible.

Google Feud is the online game we didn’t know we were waiting for. Knowing the people of the Internet’s collective love of bizarre Google Autocomplete search suggestions and funny Family Feud clips, some evil genius who aims to suck up the next hour of your life created a game that fuses the two.

There you will get 1 round and 3 guesses and 10 possible popular searches on Google. First of all, choose the category and try to answer the question.


Google Feud Culture Question
Google Feud Culture Question


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