Things to Know While Buying Laptop

Laptop buying is not an easy task because it has to be done lots of research before buying the laptop. So here we will guide to buy the new laptop. It’s the only thing that you have to do is research about that particle laptop which you are going to buy. So in this post, we are going to share laptop buying guide.

1. Form Factors of Laptop

The first thing you have to consider about laptops is form factors. Form factors most important because technology changes day by day and the design of laptops also changes day by day… so before buying the laptop you have to choose the best design of the laptop.  You will get an old design of laptop that is completely not suitable for you… so don’t buy them… if you are buying new then go for new design, clear and clean laptop design…

2. Weight of Laptop

This the most important thing that matters while buying the new laptop, if you are traveler then this thing really matters. If you brought 3KG laptop then that will ruin your travel. 3 KG is too many normal people doesn’t want to carry their mobile them, then it’s the 3KG laptop.
So yeah you have to choose middleweight laptop or very small size or slim portable laptop.

3. Screen Size

Weight and Screen size both are related to each other, If you have bigger screen laptop obviously your laptop is going to be heavy so consider this thing while buying the new laptop.
For normal people, they like 14 inches laptops, for those who want to play games and enjoy their life with playing games they like more than 14 inches.

4. Devices Drivers and Flash Storage and Ports

This thing really matters, the driver is may be the collection of programs that will help your laptop devices to operate. It means if you have a camera on your laptop but if you don’t have the driver then you won’t able to use your camera. You have the sound device but you don’t have an audio driver then you won’t able to use your audio driver. This is the most important thing to consider while buying the new laptop. Flash Storage: this means how many USB devices you can connect with your laptop normally I have seen 3 USB ports on many new laptops. I think this is enough for you peoples if you want more then you can do the search. On these devices and drivers thing, you have to consider the version and which version they supports are they updated or not. If they are not updated they will not work and they may create problems.

6. Battery Capacity and Backup

This is another most important thing that you have to take care of while buying the new laptop. The battery is the most important thing, without battery how can you use your laptop. So better to take care about this.
You will get different kind of batteries mean 6 cell and 9 cells. 6 cell battery gives less backup than 9 cell battery and 9 cell battery will give more backup than 6 cell. If you have the good or fine budget you can go with 9 cell battery that will obviously give 8 or 9-hour battery backup. If not then you can go with normal 6 cell battery that will give you 3 or 4-hour backup.

7. With Operating System or Not

Consider this thing because without the operating system you can not even run your laptop, battery, and operating system both are most important things and these both are sole properties or laptop. Without them, the laptop is junk piece.
Take care which operating system support can normally support. Only choose that which one support the latest version of operating, or you can talk about the genuine operating system. Where you will get lifelong product key support, means you don’t need to activate from the third party or you don’t have to crack those systems.

8. Touchscreen or Not

You are smartphone lover then I bet you will love touchscreen laptops. So take care while buying new touchscreen laptops, that is smooth or not captive or not. If these things are not placed in your laptop then your laptop will not perform better. So better to take care of this thing.implement above Laptop Buying Guide steps.

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