Microsoft WordPad Shortcut Keys – Cool Keyboard Shortcuts

In this article, we are covering easy and simple shortcut keys for users. There are many people still use Microsoft WordPad for writing their daily updates, letters, and many other things. So knowing these Microsoft WordPad Shortcut Keys will definitely help them boost their work;

WordPad is basically a word processor that has a text editor where you can write, edit, and format your text. Most of the Windows operating system includes WordPad as a default text editor or word processor.

44 Microsoft WordPad Shortcut Keys

  1. Ctrl+N Create a new document
  2. Ctrl+O Open an existing document
  3. Ctrl+S Save changes to a document
  4. F12 Save the document as a new file
  5. Ctrl+P Print a document
  6. Alt+F4 Close WordPad
  7. Ctrl+Z Undo a change
  8. Ctrl+Y Redo a change
  9. Ctrl+A Select the entire document
  10. Ctrl+X Cut a selection
  11. Ctrl+C Copy a selection to the Clipboard
  12. Ctrl+V Paste a selection from the Clipboard
  13. Ctrl+B Make selected text bold
  14. Ctrl+I Italicize selected text
  15. Ctrl+U Underline selected text
  16. Ctrl+= Make selected text subscript
  17. Ctrl+Shift+= Make selected text superscript
  18. Ctrl+L Align text left
  19. Ctrl+E Align text center
  20. Ctrl+R Align text right
  21. Ctrl+J Justify text
  22. Ctrl+1 Set single line spacing
  23. Ctrl+2 Set double line spacing
  24. Ctrl+5 Set line spacing to 1.5
  25. Ctrl+Shift+> Increase the font size
  26. Ctrl+Shift+< Decrease the font size
  27. Ctrl+Shift+A Change characters to ALL CAPITALS
  28. Ctrl+Shift+L Change the bullet style
  29. Ctrl+D Insert a Microsoft Paint drawing
  30. Ctrl+F Find text in a document
  31. F3 Find the next instance of that text
  32. Ctrl+H Replace text in a document
  33. Ctrl+Left Arrow Move the cursor one word to the left
  34. Ctrl+Right Arrow Move the cursor one word to the right
  35. Ctrl+Up Arrow Move the cursor to the line above
  36. Ctrl+Down Arrow Move the cursor to the line below
  37. Ctrl+Home Move to the beginning of the document
  38. Ctrl+End Move to the end of the document
  39. Ctrl+Page Up Move up one page
  40. Ctrl+Page Down Move down one page
  41. Ctrl+Delete Delete the next word
  42. F10 Display key tips
  43. Shift+F10 Show the current shortcut menu
  44. F1 Open WordPad Help

Those are the shortcut keys that can be used on WordPad; You can use them to work faster and quickly. Make sure you make the best use of them.

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