Put The Latest SEO Trends In To Practice Immediately To Take SEO Results To The Next Level

In 2019, you will need much more than a well-designed website to ensure that you stick to the competition that is ever growing. You will need a better SEO score and higher search engine ranking. For this, you will have to put the most essential and effective SEO Trends into practice immediately. These SEO trends and actions include:

  • Creating amazing and long form content
  • Updating the current content that ranks well and build it out to make it more thorough and better
  • Including video on the landing pages to make it more appealing and informative
  • Inputting better articles, blogs and top products
  • Considering and incorporating LSI keywords to support the terms you want to include on your web page
  • Adding context, richness and depth to your content
  • Reading the new Google General Guidelines to see how best you can apply these to your website
  • Using rich data and schema in content to boost the SEO, CTR as well as the rankings based on Rank Brain
  • Optimizing your website for voice search by making an allowance for common questions people may use to search you in the web
  • Working to get your brand revealed in the media
  • Using press releases as well as the social media to convey your messages in the best possible way and
  • Thinking about your strategies well in advance.

It is high time that you already start contemplating on making the necessary changes and take help of NYC SEO Expert from time to time to ensure best results, functionality and ROI. This will ensure whether you begin the New Year with a pop, a sizzle or a big bang.

Better yet and as of now you can ensure that you get nothing but the best and most positive results by making sure that the online content in your website hits the mark and you achieve the desired ROI.

It is then you will finally earn more organic traffic and the top spots in Google rank list that you have been yearning for months.

Must follow SEO 2019 trends

It is not surprising that most of the SEO trends in 2019 are typically followed to make sure that the websites are at par with the requirements of Google Analytics as well to keep up with the ever changing technology. It is all about balancing the latest developments of Google and reinforcing your content as per your commitment.

Be mobile ready

First and foremost you have to be mobile ready and to ensure mobile-first indexing. You must have heard about this a lot by now because this is nothing but a continuation to the SEO trend of 2018.

On March 26, 2018, Google announced mobile-first indexing has been rolled out through several publications. That means, Google web crawlers will now not only look at the desktop version of your pages and content but also the mobile version of it so that it can populate your SERP with proper and accurate indexing and ranking.

It also means that if you do not have a mobile version of your website now, you are missing a lot of business opportunities. If the mobile users find it difficult to use, navigate and read your page, the rankings will suffer for sure if it has not already.

To make your site mobile-friendly and fit it in any mobile device irrespective of its shape, size, and type, Google recommends creating responsive design. The Google Developers Guide suggests a few best practices to follow for best results such as:

  • Making sure that both your desktop and mobile version sites have exactly the same principal content
  • Including metadata such as titles and descriptions on both the versions and
  • Including structured data in both as well.

Also make sure that the contents and elements that worked well in 2018 are rolled over in 2019 as well.

Overall user experience

It is also required by you to focus on the site design so that it is impressive, appealing and provides an exceptional mobile user experience or UX overall.

You can use featured snippets for this as this will also help you to raise your search engine ranking along with the value of your site apart from providing better UX. Of late, it is seen that featured snippets are overwhelmingly taking over the top spots in Google rankings because of the use of lots of keywords.

This is a big deal and several marketers consider this to be highly desirable. Terming it as “position zero” they use key pieces of the content to move up to the top placements in the featured snippets.

Ideally, this can be achieved in three distinct ways as under:

  • Create exclusive content: To achieve top position in page 1, you will need it to rank on its own without the use of the featured snippets. It is found that most of the best featured snippets usually come from contents that rank from one to ten on the first page. To be precise more than 90.1% of all featured snippets are pulled from the top 5 positions. It is all about choosing the appropriate keywords, writing a great content and providing value to your audience.
  • Focus on Q & A: Questions and Answers are the most important thing to consider. It is found that only 7% of generic keywords provide the desired results while in comparison more than 41.59% of keywords with questions provide better results. This is an astonishing 480% increase! Moreover, question keywords in particular include paragraph featured snippets almost always. These include a short phrase of text that will answers the question of the user but the best results are produced when these phrases are within 370 characters and have 46 to 84 words on average.

Lastly, you must make sure that you use list style featured snippets in your contents that will contain numbers and bullets, and sub-headers that are properly formatted with H2s and H3s that will break up and help in organizing the text in a far better way to achieve a high rank and a better SEO.

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