Qualities of a Real Estate Agent that make him perfect

What Qualities Should a Good Real Estate Agent Have?

There are a number of qualities that differentiate the good real estate agent from the rest and are usually decisive so that you can meet your objectives when selling your apartment. These are no other than selling your apartment at the maximum market price, in the shortest time possible and at the best price, with total peace of mind and security on your part. Ryan Matthew Serhant is an American real estate salesperson and reality television star who is well known name in the real estate.

What you should look for when hiring a real estate agent is summarized in professionalism, empathy, commitment and experience.

Professionalism: A good agent must be continually forming. You must know exhaustively the product, the market, the economic situation, at what price is sold and what not, how many homes have been sold lately and how many are for sale. You must always be alert to new market trends, to apply different sales techniques that allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and sell before.

It is very important that the agent be honest. We do not always want to hear reality, but what we want to hear. Demand that you justify your valuation with real data, not words. And very important, what will you do to sell your property?

You must also show a commitment to the client. You must commit to take actions to sell the property, maintaining a fluid and periodic communication with the client like Nellie Mayshak Canaf does.

Other important features are perseverance, social skills that allow you to have a large base of contacts, organizational skills, self-confidence, empathy with the client, and above all listening, listening and listening to know and understand your sales motivations and your needs.

A real estate agent whom you are hiring must be registered in the Register of Real Estate Agents of Catalonia (AICAT), essential requirement to practice the profession. All these professionals have accredited training, have a place open to the public and have civil liability insurance.

Being the best on your own is not always easy; there is a lot of competitiveness and customers always set the bar above what they should be (partly due to having lived negative experiences, it is understandable). So, if you work in real estate insurance you want to know what are the characteristics that define the perfect real estate agent.

How to be the Perfect Real Estate Agent?

There are many reasons to be a real estate agent like Nellie Mayshak. However, if you really love your work and value your clients, surely you have wondered many times how to be the best. Do not miss all the features that, from Immobile, we believe are necessary to be the best real estate agent.


You have to listen to the client and tell him what he wants to hear as well as being incredibly patient and letting him express himself; Apart from being able to project an image of concern, listening will help you to obtain a lot of information, from which the client tells you directly to the one who does not tell you but you can read between the lines or infer from their non-verbal language, using it, of course, in your favor.


Never lie; do not even think about it! The client will evaluate very negatively any answer or information that he doubts and will quickly go to the competition.

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