6 Deadly Events Caused by Pokemon GO!

Events Caused Pokemon Go

“Pokemon Go”, is a  new smartphone game which has Nitendo characters like Squirtel and Pikachu. Last month The Pokemon Company released their android and another version of the game for their users but it is becoming deadly game caused different unexpected events all over the world. Pokemon Go User Experience. Today we are sharing deadly events caused by Pokemon go to warn other all.

This has implemented augmented reality on this game and which means a player will play on to the physical world, and Pokemon Go became the top grossing app in the Android and iPhone stores. Lots of people are calling Pokemon go as a digital monster because this has caused lots of deadly events. Pokemon Go Shocking Facts

Augmented-reality is the technology that superimposes a computer-generate image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. An augmented reality is the complete integration of digital information with real time environment of any users. It is similar to virtual reality, where it creates a virtual environment on existing one.


Lamar Hickson held of causing worst highway accidents after stopping in the middle of the highway to catch a Pikachu. Lamar Hickson is just 26-year-old man and he admitted to police that while driving that he was playing the amazing Pokémon Go. That is completely amazing happened with this man because of Pokémon Go.



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