Please Try to Understand What is Depression [Opinion]

After seeing the news of Sushant Singh Rajput that shattred me because it's on news they were saying that he died beause of depression.

These are my thoughts guys, please don’t be offended with these. You can share your feedback on the comment.

After hearing news about Sushant Singh Rajput, that made me reactivate FB and share few things,

We only understand things and care things whenever it happens to a big guy.

If common had done the same thing then it would be or we would say that, that’s common, let him rest in peace and that’s it.

The first thing here I hate is the word rest in peace, people normally abbreviate as RIP. I have hated this word I don’t know why but I hate it.

So now think twice and ask yourself, are you human?

Long ago I created a video regarding Am I mental? Where I shared my perspective of Mental Issue and Depression please guys here I’m not playing I’m the most educated or not playing the role of doctor but trying to make you aware.

Though that video barely got 20 to 30 views, there is no problem on that I know I’m not the best content creator.

As time goes on there will be more problems like Mental issues and Depression or there will be so many things…

But here what we lack is confidence, friendliness, most of us have become cold-hearted people (I feel I’m one of them), still, I’m looking a way out through this.

I have felt sometimes family doesn’t play the role of a true friend. They should understand that. Please I urge to everyone take this seriously.

I have felt friends doesn’t play the role of an actual friend. Please, guys, leave that friendship that’s my perspective guys you can have your own, you can agree or disagree.

I have felt that people take it lightly, I have dealt with few people although not all the depressed still they came to me because they felt safe sharing

I have felt a lack of true understanding. Guys this is where most people lose it and make it worse. I hope you will understand this.

If you are husband and wife please make sure you make the best bond and learn from your mistakes and try to understand each other, don’t make your relationship complicated.

I have felt some people follow this path because of financial issues. Urging the family to understand in that case as well. Not all the time and not all family can do financial support but family comes in hand for counselling isn’t it? Family comes in hand for motivation, isn’t it?

Guys, there are unlimited cases and possibilities people can that kind of issues, make sure you understand, not only understand must try to understand.

I would love to have your thoughts as well;

Satya P. Joshi

J. Satya

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