5-Steps Guide to Choose a Corporate Printing Solution

Choosing the best Corporate Printing practices help you to establish a brand identity, promote your business, expand your reach, and to create a vast audience base for your target marketing. You may choose to print on T-shirts, brochures, leaflets, flyers, magazines, and weekly newsletters. At Prime Scan, you get the best corporate printing solution for your specific business needs.

Corporate Printing Solution – Consider the Company

At The printing company should have established a vast range of hardware, software, and infrastructure. Your printing services range from the smallest of flyer printing to the large size printing of banners and posters. Quality, durability, consistency, and impactful impressions are some of the benefits you get from the company.

  1. Company Specialty: Corporate Printing Solutions should give your audience the most tangible evidence of your brand and products. They reflect the core values of your corporate entity and its intricate relations with the products. A customer-centric approach to business branding is one of top specialty areas. At The Corporate Printing Solutions company should be able to manage all your brand collaterals from the stage of concept development to printing. Technical and creative staffs have decades of collective experience in working for multinational corporate companies in India and overseas.
  2. Company Quality: The printing company should have established a global quality policy for Corporate Printing Solutions. They should aim at delivering international quality printing at affordable costs. They should conform to the ISO 12647:2 standards for inks, color combination, lithographic processes, flexographic printing, proofing, and other parameters of quality measurement. Transfer of images from the software medium to the print media happens at the highest level of accuracy. At the corporate printing solution, they should use the best quality licensed software and hardware to make the impressions in high definition quality. The printing machines should be able to generate mass production of high-quality output consistently. Constant monitoring of procedures lets the company maintain the quality at the highest levels.
  3. Company Machinery: At The printing company they should use global standard machinery and equipment for the best corporate printing solution. Every machine they should use has a great set of TVI targets for matching the color, font, background, and foreground parameters with the original. Machines for digital, offset, archival, and large format printing has variation tolerances within the ISO standards. Efficient machines can work at the highest level of efficiency for mid-tone, full-tone, low-tone, and three-quarter-tone quality printing. At each substrate, they should focus on the volume of ink, color combinations, tone, intensity, and other related factors.
  4. Quality Inks: For your corporate printing solution, you need to choose quality inks from reputable brands such as Brother ink cartridges, for example. They should conform to the ISO 2846 standards. They should carry out extensive tests on each ink before using it for printing. Some of the parameters they should test include transparency and opaqueness, minimum and actual T-value, film quality, color intensity, etc. Using the latest graphics technology for printing allows the company to apply the ISO 2846 standards to multiple types of printing inks. They should use a vast range of inks from metallic, thermochromic, magnetic, luminescent, and pearlescent types. All inks should be free from dangerous chemicals and harmful toxic elements. They should ensure the implementation of green technology while procuring inks.
  5. Printing Staffs:  A large team of experienced specialists in the industry are required to fulfill your quality printing needs. Collective experience of decades and talent pool helps the company in delivering the best quality printing for all your corporate applications. Continuous training and knowledge upgrade are the two principles they should follow for better customer experience. The staffs should get trained in the latest printing technology and go through practical industry exposure. These are the practical training sessions they should follow. Accuracy, quality, and consistency are the three primary aspects they should follow for staffs training. They should train them to understand customers’ needs and wants exactly before going ahead with the projects. They should conduct an analysis for feasibility, possibility, and quality requirements at the initial stages. It helps the company plan the schedule, allocate resources, and prepare the workflow procedures.

Corporate Printing Solution – Services to Expect

Offset Printing:  professional corporate printing solution offset printing caters to national and global companies searching for brand and product promotion. They should understand the importance of print media in transforming your brand into an Icon on the consumer markets. They should are known for quality, responsiveness, and highest quality designs all over India and overseas.

Digital Printing: The corporate printing solution should have the best quality machinery and software for digital printing. They should deliver services within the scheduled time with the help of the latest technology tools and techniques. You may choose any type of printing media from paper to plastic, metal, and other synthetic materials. They should deliver the best quality printings that are durable and resistant to the elements. 

Other Services:  Customer-centric services can include graphic design, copywriting, branding collaterals and related aspects.

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