Why Online Email Marketing Services are Best for Business Marketing

In this article, I’m definitely going to explain the essence of ‘Online Email Marketing Services’ and the best practices for promoting your business through email marketing services;

What is Email Marketing?

If email marketing is new to you then let me defined email marketing in very simple words; It’s the approach for targeting prospects (leads) or consumers through the direct electronic mail which is simply known as an email marketing;

Where each and every consumer or prospect will get and dedicated and customized and enticing offer on their email with the possible Call to Actions;

Now that is the strategy to help you grow your business and your audience as well as customers;

What you will be doing here is generate prospects or leads which are related to your business and industry then you will contact them one by one or at once by using drip email marketing services like mailchimp or CRMs ;

The requirement for email marketing is data mining, lead magnet or lead generation, or buying leads from companies like ZoomInfo, and Sales Navigator;

A requirement is Business Lead Generation;

Let’s take a quick example for lead generation;

The situation is that you are looking for a list of companies by states then you will need to find the database those who sell the companies list according to states, or you will need to find the directories where they have listed their companies according to the state category to find the companies contact details;

Contact details are the required factor for email marketing; So it’s better to buy leads at the cheapest price for quick actions rather you waste time on generating leads and qualifying them;

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Now you have got the pretty good idea about online email marketing, lead generation and why it is the best business marketing strategy for promotion; In general, email marketing is a more evolved, digital form of traditional direct mail marketing where it lets you understand your customers need and sell them the product or services that they are willing to consume and you are willing to sell;


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As you can see the above stats that actually shows the ROI per marketing strategy; And now you can guess which is the most profitable one. Now Before I got deep down into the service let me answer why you should use Online Email Marketing Services;

Why Use Online Email Marketing Services?

The lead generation challenges we’ve discussed above; Without lead generation, it’s impossible to have grown on your business; Because leads are your prospects and potential consumers; And generation was the challenge but after lead generation, the main challenge is to contact them or approach them with the offer;

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It’s impossible to contact 1000 of leads one by one, so what we need to have is online email marketing service which will allow you to set drip campaigns as per your requirement, allow you to set emails and personalized offers in a segmented manner; That’s why you will need to choose the best email marketing service which will make a significant impact on the success of your marketing campaign.

There are few things those need to be considered while choosing online email marketing services;

  • Cost is the main factor: Define the budget how much you are willing to invest in your email marketing service?
  • Use: I would recommend according to the features and services; How easy to use that particular software; Choose it as per your requirement and the budget.
  • Functionality and Tracking: One of the most important things to be considered is that analytics and tracking system; You will need to make sure does that provide all details about the opened email, ignored or bounced, click through rates.
  • Now final factor is that support: Make sure you review their support team before you decide to have that onboard; If support team is good and available for help when it’s a good thing to be considered;

List of Best Online Email Marketing Services;

The thing is a good email marketing service enables you to create an organized, segmented and highly engaging emails on just a few taps. It also allows you to manage all the contact details that you have generated and segment users into the groups and categories;

  • Interested
  • Not interested
  • Marketing Companies
  • Marketing Agencies and etc…

And also help you track all the performance of your email campaigns;

email marketing services

There are few email marketing services that I would like to mention here for your best email marketing practices;

  • Constant Contact
  • MailChimp
  • Active Campaign

As per my experience, I’ve used MailChimp, Activecampaign,, and GetResponse for email marketing. These online email marketing services work really great for managing all the leads and prospects;

And especially on and ActiveCampaign you can track more performance details and much wider features and services, And the cost will vary as per the requirement;

Wrapping it up

Hoping that this article helped you understand about email marketing and budget services that you have to choose for your business; The conclusion is that email marketing is a must-have marketing strategy for the business. So ask one of your digital marketers to define email marketing checklists and plan the marketing funnel and workflow; That’s it;

Regarding best email marketing practices we will surely discuss the strategies for different niche business on our further blogs so be stay tuned;

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