4 Ways to Run a More Efficient Law Firm

Running a law firm is much like running any other business and takes time, dedication and hard work in order to achieve any form of success. Taking the time and effort to ensure you’re hitting goals, maximizing productivity and reaching potential within your business is easier if you focus on being efficient from the start. We’ve put together our breakdown of simple ideas to implement within your business in order to become more efficient today. 

  • Cut down on the paper trail

This one might sound strange but cutting down the paper trail and storing important files and documents on the cloud or a local server can really help. It’s much easier for staff to find frequently used documents online or within a local server than to go hunting through files and folders. Streamlining the working day like this makes things easier for everyone meaning your team has more time to be productive. Redbrick Solutions offer software packages specifically designed with the aim of increasing efficiencies within law firms and have developed their packages with efficiency at the forefront. 

  • Target the right clients for your team

Getting the most from your team is key to a successful law firm. Lawyers tend to follow a path into a particular area of law that is interesting to them and specialize in that area for most of their careers. Most law firms cater to this and hire specialist lawyers for very niche areas of the law. Targeting your clientele with the same level of accuracy is important too. Split your marketing efforts and be sure to attract the right clients for your team and the varied and unique talents and skills of your staff can be utilized more efficiently. 

  • Tailor the experience to your clients’ needs

Keeping your clients happy is one of the simplest ways to make sure that your law firm runs efficiently. Remember, when your clients hire you to assist them in a case you must adapt to meet their needs. Being ready to adapt means having a team that can facilitate a broad range of legal advice and offer your clients the level of service they deserve. Develop a questionnaire to get important basic information from your clients from the outset of a case, this will allow your lawyers more time to spend on the things that really matter, making the client experience more personal. You could also outsource non-legal tasks like appointment scheduling and client communication to an experienced answering service for attorneys. This approach ensures your clients receive timely responses while simultaneously freeing up valuable time for your legal team, ultimately strengthening the efficiency of your law firm.

  • Get regular feedback from employees

However much you think you know what’s best for your team, without asking them you’ll never really know. Make time for regular feedback sessions during which you can gain an insight into what’s working and what’s not. This way, you’ll have a deeper understanding of how to improve processes and procedures for the future creating a more efficient workplace and business. Feedback and employee engagement are both critical elements in fostering a healthy collaborative and efficient workplace regardless of the industry.

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