Not Able to Save or Download Images from Google Docs : Learn How

So as the title says itself I’m going to share a trick to save or download images which are uploaded on Google Docs. If you yet don’t know what is Google Docs then it one online WordProcessor which works for editing, writing and text formatting etc…

It’s similar to the Microsoft Word but it is powered by Google and has online availability; Now let’s focus on the topic of how to save or download images which are uploaded on Google Doc; As you know there is not any tool or menu to save images or download; But this tweak will definitely help you save it directly from Google Doc, you don’t really have to download the file and open it on Microsoft Word & Download the image;

Note: There is copy option on Google Doc but you can’t copy images from online platform to Offline platform or any other platforms like WordPress or etc… So this method is legit to do the same;

Steps to Download Images from Google Docs

Step 1: Definitely go the Google Drive and Open the doc that you want or where you have images and you need those to be saved;

google doc image

Step 2: As you can see on that above image; That is what I needed to copy on my new article but it won’t work as a copy; Here you have to Right click on the Image and Click on Save to Keep Notepad option;

save to keep notepad

Step 3: Now on the right sidebar you will see the panel of save to keep a notepad where your image will appear; Now there you have to Right click on the image and you will see an option to save or download your image;

save to keep notepad image

That’s all, otherwise, you can do it by saving the doc on .docx file and you can open that file on Microsoft Word to save your image;

Wrapping it Up

If you have any better ideas to do this then please suggest us in the comment section; BTW this is actually for those who are looking for an instant solution for saving images directly from Google Doc.

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